The first clip and image (above) from Saw co-creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s upcoming supernatural thriller Insidious, has been unleashed. Insidious will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Insidious centers on Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne), who have a happy family with their three young children. However, when …

Saw and Paranormal Activity producers team up to scare the daylights out of you with Insidious

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Saw 3 by Halloween 2006

Twisted Pictures and Lions Gate Films have announced the theatrical release date of Saw 3. The film is set to cut into theaters on October 27 and will be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, who helmed part 2 of the franchise, with story again by Leigh Whannell and James Wan. The Saw franchise, about a psychotic genius that puts his victims in death traps in …