Kiefer Sutherland’s Mirrors Unrated Blu-ray review

On January 13th, Fox Home Entertainment released the horror thriller Mirrors: Unrated, on DVD and Blu-ray. I know this film was widely panned by critics, but I actually thought it was ok. Mirrors has three very powerful things going for it. Kiefer Sutherland, the stunning Paula Patton, and director Alexandre Aja, who brings a unique ….

Mirrors film details

Re-doing Asian horror films seems to be the standard for Hollywood these days. But with Aja at the helm, things could rise to a more visceral level, making for some penetratingly creepy moments. Aja has a way of simplifying action and making it seem as if events are actually happening, even if there’s an incredibly ….

Eyes Director Looks In the Mirror

The Hills Have Eyes director Alexandre Aja has committed to direct Into the Mirror next, a horror thriller to be financed by New Regency, Variety reported. Marc Sternberg, Alexandra Milchan, Aja and his partner, Gregory Levesseur, will produce the movie, which begins shooting this fall. Aja and Levesseur will re-write the original script by Jim Uhls and Joe Gangemi. Into the Mirror is a remake of the Korean ….