Gritty crime thriller Mesrine: Killer Instinct finally gets U.S. release plus new poster and photos

I posted clips for Mesrine a year ago and wondered when, or if, the 2-part crime epic would ever get a U.S. release of any kind. Well it looks like Music Box Films won out, and will release the gritty crime thriller Mesrine – which is actually two movies; Mesrine: Killer Instinct and Mesrine: Public ….

Will Mesrine be the French Scarface? Watch these clips and decide for yourself

Jacques Mesrine, last of the great French gangsters, was declared France’s Public Enemy Number One during his lifetime. He regularly finished on top among the list of newsmakers in opinion polls. His spectacular death, shot full of holes by police at close range at the center of Paris in 1979, put the crowning touch on ….