Stephen King's It headed to the big screen

Warner Bros. has tapped Dave Kajganich – wrote penned The Invasion and Joel Schumacher’s upcoming horror Creek – to adapt Stephen King’s horror novel It, with Dan Lin, Roy Lee and Doug Davison producing, according to Variety. The original story follows the lives of seven children in a small Maine town who confront a demonic …

Clooney to Star in Pet Sematary Remake

Bloody Disgusting reports that George Clooney will have a role in Paramount Pictures’ remake of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. They don’t know how big of a role he has, but he will apparently be in the film, which was written by Dave Kajganich, Mike Werb and Michael Colleary. Pet Cemetary tells story of a family that move to a house in the countryside of …

Monkey's Paw Coming From Ghost House

Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures will develop the horror family film Monkey’s Paw, based on a pitch from writers Dave Kajganich and Tom McAlister, for Raimi and partner Rob Taper to produce, Variety reported. Paw centers on a father who brings home an artifact rumored to make any wish come true, with strings attached.