Win one of two DVD copies of the thriller Abandoned featuring Brittany Murphy’s final screen performance

Anchor Bay releases the psychological thriller Abandoned on Blu-ray and DVD next week. This dark tale of a woman searching for her boyfriend marks the last screen appearance by the late Brittany Murphy (8 Mile, Sin City). In honor of the release, FilmFetish is giving away two copies of the DVD edition to readers. PLEASE ….

Stallone lays waste to his foes in this new pic from The Expendables

Empire has posted this great new photo of Sylvester Stallone, in what looks to be his laying waste to a pile of enemy soldiers on the set of his upcoming action opus The Expendables, which stars the creme of the action ‘Cult Cinema Icons’ crop, including himself, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, ….

Sin City 2 Disc Recut, Extended & Unrated Edition Blu-ray review

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller shot Sin City using high-definition cameras, so it makes sense that the Blu-ray release of the film would be no minor effort, filled with thorough, layered bonus features, that make it a worthy edition to consider owning. The new Blu-ray release features two very unique cuts of the visually stunning ….

Info on 1st Grindhouse spin-off Machete, and Sin City 2 and 3

Apparently, Danny Trejo will be making a return appearance as Machete in a feature film due in 2008. Planet Terror director Robert Rodriguez, will direct the film, which revolves around an Mexican immigrant/government spy/assassin/machete knife master, who’s out for revenge. Rodriguez has said in interviews that the deal on the spin-off is done. Sin City ….