Those two bitches that left, they betta' learn to sell pussy in Iceland, because if I ever see them again, I'm gonna' cut their fuckin' throats... We are family, and that's how we're gonna' stay!

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By: Nichelle Nichols
Characters: Dorinda
From: Truck Turner
Genres: Action | Blaxploitation | Cult Cinema

Nichelle Nichols (famous for her role as Lt. Uhura in Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek) played Dorinda, a female pimp in the Jonathan Kaplan classic blaxploitation film Truck Turner, which starred musician-turned-actor Isaac Hayes. She said this statement to her stable of working girls as a warning to those looking to leave.

America is now in that curious interlude that Nietzsche foretold a century ago: the time of the reevaluation, the devising of new values to replace the osteoporotic skeletons of the old. Behold, it is not the ending but the beginning! Sisters and brethren, it is written that these are evil days, but I say unto you: the holiest of spirits are even now bubbling up into every brain.

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By: Tom Wolfe

From Wolfe's Life Magazine article "The Sexed-Up, Doped-Up, Hedonistic Heaven of the Boom-Boom ’70s" (December 1979).

My initial thoughts about what a title can do was to set mood and the prime underlying core of the film's story, to express the story in some metaphorical way. I saw the title as a way of conditioning the audience, so that when the film actually began, viewers would already have an emotional resonance with it.

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By: Saul Bass

Look, man, I am TIRED of that! I am not passing! I am BLACK! Do you hear me, man? Do you understand? I am BLACK! I am a NIGGA', you understand me? I was BORN Black, I -LIVE- Black, and I'm gonna die, prob'ly -BECAUSE- I'm Black, because some Cracker that -KNOWS- I'm Black, better than -YOU-, Nigga', is prob'ly gonna put a BULLET in the back of my head!

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By: David Lemieux
Characters: Pretty Willie
From: The Spook Who Sat by the Door
Genres: Blaxploitation | Cult Cinema