Visual Funk

Artist: Jim Mahfood

IDW Publishing has announced Visual Funk: Jim Mahfood Art, a 256-page, full-color hardcover collecting a massive swath of Jim Mahfood, a.k.a. Food One’s mind-bending, genre-smashing work!

Mahfood has put his unique stamp on everything from comic books, illustration, and animation to advertising art, murals, and gallery shows, to body painting, and live art in bars and nightclubs, creating a loyal following and ensuring that any collection of his explosively eclectic work would have to be seen to be believed. Echoing the wide range of the work itself, Visual Funk: Jim Mahfood Art contains reams of sketches, concepts, designs, drawings, and photos, some of which has never been seen by the public before!

“Visual Funk is my ultimate art book; a long overdue, massive collection of my best work from all different mediums from the last five years,” said Mahfood. “We’ve put a lot of tender loving care into this book and I think people’s senses will be stimulated in all the right ways. Based on IDW’s current art books and Artist’s Editions, I know I’m in good hands.”

Whether fans of art and animation or simply those chasing a potent dose of ocular excitement, it’s clear that VISUAL FUNK is just the thing a whole lot of people are gonna need to keep an eye out for this October.


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