RWBY Manga by Shirow Miwa

Artist: Shirow Miwa

See the hit animated series RWBY in a whole new way starting today in today’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. The action-driven adventure of Rooster Teeth Production’s RWBY is transformed into a gripping manga by Shirow Miwa (Dogs: Bullets and Carnage). Check out a free chapter 1 preview at – new chapters will debut in each Monday’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Hold on tight for all-new reveals and backstories for your favorite RWBY characters in this prequel! In the magical World of Remnant, humans and beasts once coexisted peacefully. Now, they are at fierce odds! Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long are Team RWBY, classmates at the Beacon Academy, learning the deadly craft of hunting the monstrous species known as Grimm.

BLACK CLOVER © 2015 by Yuki Tabata/SHUEISHA Inc.


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