Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration Volume One

Artist: Nobuhiro Watsuki

Manga’s iconic samurai is back. Creator Nobuhiro Watsuki revisits his classic manga and offers a new twist on the tale in Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration, now available in print and digitally through the VIZ Manga platform – fans won’t want to miss the historical drama, romance, and above all, awesome action.

During the violent upheaval of the Bakumatsu era (1853-1868), Hitokira Battosai was a feared and ruthless assassin. But a new era has dawned and as the Meiji Restoration begins to heal the woulds of civil war, Battosai has taken up a new calling and a new name! He wanders the countryside as Rurouni Kenshin, vowing to draw his reverse-bladed katana only to protect those in need. But not everyone is pleased with his new direction, and enemies from Kenshin’s dark past have vowed to bring him down.


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