The image is from my personal series, Imperial Steamworks, an idea based on the possibilities of a world where the Imperial Chinese were the first culture to have gone through an industrial revolution, changing the rest of history and technology as well as what we now consider as a model for a modern city.

The boastful exorcist barges into action on the back of his menacing steam powered leviathan, modeled after Xuan Wu the Black Tortoise, one of the four ancient Chinese divinities. Ascending the stairs on the back of the tortoise’s neck, the exorcist performs a banishment ritual at the altar atop the head of his mount. A family of owls have heed the holy calling; they inhabit the tree that sprouted from the shell of the tortoise to house its young. Blessed scriptures, a golden bell and a Taoist mirror are employed to enfeeble the undead horde.


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