Dinosaurs Attack

IDW Publishing is proud to announce that this summer, Topps’ classic card series Dinosaurs Attack. will return to the comics world. Reprinting and then finally finishing the comic series started at Eclipse Comics in 1988, fans can expect the same ferocious and terrifying mayhem to ensue!

“It’s great to have this material finally see the light of day,” offers Dinosaurs Attack! writer and creator Gary Gerani. “Celebrating over-the-top excess and the joys of melodrama, Dinosaurs Attack! is an unbridled take-off on just about everything, from ’50s/’60s-style sci-fi thrillers to Topps’ specific brand of free-wheeling ‘bad taste’ graphics and humor. It’s aggressively wacky, un-self conscious entertainment. As with the original Robocop movie, the violence depicted is so preposterous that it can’t help but be funny, which is part of the satiric message.”

Featuring the acclaimed creative team of Gary Gerani, Earl Norem, Herb Trimpe, and George Freeman, Dinosaurs Attack! is a thrilling tale of chaos, where fierce prehistoric beasts are transported into the future! Havoc ensues as mankind proves woefully ill equipped to deal with the cretaceous chaos! Though it isn’t all unmitigated terror. In the grand tradition of Mars Attacks!, DINOSAURS ATTACK! packs a lauded sense of humor to pair with all the gnashing teeth and stomping claws, creating a unique and deeply fun experience IDW is very excited to bring to comics fans!

“Dinosaurs Attack’S powerful visual style and over-the-top sensibility make it a quintessential Topps property,” says Ira Friedman, Topps Vice President of Licensing. “IDW’s ambitious plans to produce comics — a quarter century after its initial introduction – is a tribute to the brand’s enduring fan appeal. And don’t be surprised if you see us announce more exciting new Dinosaurs Attack! projects as we celebrate its 25th birthday!”


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