All You Need Is Kill by Takeshi Obata

VIZ Media has announced the simultaneous-to-Japan digital debut on June 19th of All You Need is Kill, by acclaimed creator Takeshi Obata (Death Note, Bakuman, Hikaru No Go). Both volumes will debut the same day, and will be available through the VIZ Manga platform (, iOS and Android apps) and through the storefronts for iBooks, Kindle, GooglePlay, Nook, and Kobo. In addition, both volumes will receive a deluxe 2-in-1 print release this fall, on November 4th.

All You Need is Kill adapts the bestselling novel of the same name by author Hiroshi Sakurazaka; the same source material is being adapted into the forthcoming summer blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt and debuting in the U.S. on June 6th!

In the story, Keiji is just one of many recruits fighting the alien Mimics. Sent out to kill in battle armor suits called Jackets, Keiji dies on the battlefield, only to be reborn each morning to fight and die again, and again, and again. On his 158th iteration, he gets a message from a mysterious ally, the female soldier known as the Full Metal Bitch – is she the key to Keiji’s escape or his final death?


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