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filmfetish.com/art celebrates the creators of the latest in pop culture products, including visual art, toys, movies and comics. filmfetish.com/art is also a community and gallery for creators and fans of the fantastic, sci-fi, futurist, storyboard, horror, comic, manga, 3D, steampunk and surrealist art forms, as well as writers of speculative fiction, literary science fiction, fantasy, horror, cyberpunk, magical realism, and psychological horror, slipstream and fan fiction. Passionate artists, designers, writers and their fans can upload their favorite work, discuss mutual interests, post events and much more.

If you’re an artist, designer or writer: Share and discuss your new work with an eager audience. Authors can also connect directly with artists to collaborate with on new projects. Our hope is that the variety of styles, approaches and methods, will allow for exciting new inspiration for artists of all kinds.

If you’re a retailer: Start a free page for your related shop, share your most exclusive items, and post images the community will enjoy.

If you’re an agent: Start a free page (or pages) for the artists you represent, share success stories, and post examples of their best work.

If you’re a fan: Discuss & share links to your favorite artists and writers, post project notices for artists to respond to, and collect the work of your favorites.

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The Museum of Fantasy Artfilmfetish.com/art is also the online home of The Museum of Fantasy Art.

The Museum of Fantasy Art will begin as a series of global traveling art exhibits that will reside primarily within non-traditional venues, including colleges, independent movie theaters, popular culture conventions, and similar settings. The exhibits will help fund an eventual home for the Museum, which will focus on fantastic and popular arts of all kinds, and from around the globe.

More will be discussed about this initiative in the coming months. We’re looking for all the help we can find. If you’re interested in learning how you can assist, email us at info@museumoffantasyart.org.