The Missing Girl tells the story of a lonely comic shop owner turned investigator


The Missing Girl, written and directed by A.D. Calvo, tells the story of Mort Colvins (Robert Longstreet), the lonely & disillusioned owner of a comic book store, and Ellen Peter (Alexia Rasmussen), the aspiring graphic novelist Mort has hired to work in his shop. Ellen looks a lot like a girl Mort knew in high school who went missing. When Ellen goes missing herself, the hapless Mort dives into an investigation.

In addition to Robert Longstreet and Alexia Rasmussen, The Missing Girl also stars Eric Ladin, Thomas Jay Ryan, Shirley Knight, Kevin Corrigan, Sonja Sohn, Adam David Thompson, Alesandra Assante, Ralph Rodriguez, Todd Faulkner and Marissa Jade.

The film will be released to home entertainment channels by FilmBuff on July 19th. Check out the trailer for The Missing Girl, below.

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