Launch trailer for vintage cartoon-inspired game One Upon Light

Earlier this week Rising Star Games, a video game publisher known for bringing exceptional content to players everywhere, launched their unique title, One Upon Light, on PC and Mac. The game feature artwork inspired by vintage black and white cartoons, and was the recipient of several gaming awards, including the IGF China “Best Game” Award 2013 and Famitsu’s Tokyo Game Show Indie Award 2014. Transporting players to a world where darkness is your friend and light is lethal, One Upon Light is a one-of-a-kind puzzle game that will delight players everywhere.

One Upon Light takes place in the ruined remains of the Aurora Science labs. Players take control of “The Scientist” and learn exposure to light is lethal. Gamers will solve challenging puzzles that require The Scientist to overcome obstacles of light by utilizing switches, crates, and blocks to create shadows. Master the advanced power of the Shadow Echo to create and cast shadows as puzzles become more complex and challenging.

Check out the new launch trailer for One Upon Light below.

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