New preview of Negan statue revealed from McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Collection

Even before the deadly villain Negan makes his debut on The Walking Dead television series on the February 14th mid-season premiere, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Edward Blake from Watchmen), the craftsmen over at McFarlane Toys have revealed a concept to creation preview of their rendition of the comic book version of Negan.

According to the company, The Walking Dead fans were hyped after the fully painted reveal of the upcoming Negan Resin Statue, so they’ve decided to reveal where it all began.

“…Robert Kirkman had a lot of involvement with this state. We went back and forth to get it ‘perfect’… We created a couple concepts and he would come back with his notes and scribbles so we could match his vision.”
—Todd McFarlane

McFarlane artists went through a few concepts before landing on the final concepts. As you can see, some minor changes took place between the final concepts and the actual sculpting. Lucille (Negan’s Bat) was moved from his right hand to his left, his posture was raised upward to seal in that egotistical flavor Negan is so full of, and some debris was removed to subtract visual distraction from the underfoot walkers.

You can see some of the preview below, including a video and some stills. Visit the McFarlane Toys website Here to see the entire preview and find out more on the Negan Resin Statue availability.


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