Start Your Imagination for Toyota’s 9th Annual Dream Car Art Contest

Toyota has released a promotional video for its 9th Annual Dream Car Art Contest, called “Start Your Imagination.” According to the company, the video is meant to communicate the feelings towards dreams. You never run out of dreams, they are free and infinite. In the manufacturing process, the driving force is imagination and a state of mind, which aims for more. Dreams are energetic, you can create things never seen before, help the society, entertain and the results have the power to make people smile. Dreams in the drawings of children are filled with rich ideas, that couldn’t have possibly been imagined by adults.

Dreams are a connection to the future, and by watching this video, children all around the world might discover the fun and importance of dreaming.

Through the Dream Car Art Contest, fascinating future cities and societies as invented by children will appear and inspire the next.

Toyota worked with Rotor Studios who produced the promotion video for the 9th contest.

Here’s what Rotor Studios said about their experience:

Making the videos for The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest was an amazing experience that allowed the whole team to play and have fun with all aspects of the production process – from designing the cars, to bringing them to life and completing the imaginary world of the children in the video. Generating photo-realistic results and adapt them to reflect the essence of childhood fantasies with plenty of R&D for CG lighting, shading and animation was challenging. The video shows children from different age groups and nationalities appearing happy and free to explore their own dreams and imaginations. We hope the video will prove to be a strong lure for children all over the world to participate in the contest. Perhaps the most exciting part of the experience is yet to come.

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, which has been conducted since 2004 as part of TMC’s social contribution initiatives and attracted over 2 million entries from 96 countries around the world so far with steady growing popularity.

Toyota Dream Car Art Contest invites children 15 years of age and below from all corners of the globe to share ideas about the future of mobility by drawing their dream cars. We at Toyota believe in nurturing the creativity of the next generation of great inventors, thinkers and dreamers, and hope they will contribute to a better society by making ever better cars. But how can a dream car make the world a better place?

Every year thousands of children share their dreams with us, despite their economic situation or level of education. We want to continue to encourage them to discover just how powerful dreaming and their own imagination can be. To convince yourself about how impressive our young inventors’ artworks are, visit the Dream Car Art Gallery, featuring more than 1400 winning artworks from various participating countries from the last ten years.

With this global campaign video, Toyota calls for entries in the National Contest, executed in various countries globally. Participants 15 years of age and below have the chance to win great prizes locally, and maybe even get the opportunity to visit Japan for an Award Ceremony *1, as well as a short trip through Japan with their parents if they succeed to participate in the World Contest. Gold, silver, bronze, and special award winners will be selected in three age categories in the World Contest, and the awards ceremony is scheduled for August 2015. TMC President Akio Toyoda is leading a jury consisting of outside experts in art and automobile science in selecting the winners of the World Contest.

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