Robert Rodriguez takes a tour of Frank Frazetta’s work at San Diego Comic-Con and news that original Frazetta Pennsylvania Museum will reopen

Robert Rodriguez took MTV News on an exclusive tour of Frank Frazetta’s art work on display at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Frazetta’s work was the inspiration behind his upcoming movie Fire And Ice. Rodriguez also teased about the new Frank Frazetta Museum coming to Austin, Texas. I’m a bit confused though, since a story at MassiveFantastic says the original Frazetta Museum in Pennsylvania is set to reopen shortly. According to the Museum’s official website, the original Pennsylvania Museum (which was actually the 2nd location) is indeed reopening. Here is a quote from the site:

The museum was scheduled to reopen in late 2013, but due to the necessary upgrades and repairs it will reluctantly have to wait until early next spring. However, I do hope to have a few random fundraisers later this fall so that patrons can make suggestions along with getting the word out that the Frazetta Museum is open.

Once again, we thank you for the continued support of the Frazetta Art Museum and keeping all of our dreams alive.

So, does this mean there will be two Frazetta Museums for the world to enjoy, one in Pennsylvania, one in Austin, Texas? I’ll find out more information and post it to the website soon.

For now, check out the Robert Rodriguez, below.