IlluXCon commissions new art for 2013 event

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell
Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell

Whether exhibiting at or attending IlluXCon for the first time or the sixth, there are special aspects of the show designed especially for you. IlluXCon, which takes place this year from September 11th through 15th, 2013, was created to be a place dedicated—first and foremost—to the art and artists. Organizers then took care to ensure, whether seasoned artist or aspiring, collector of the work or fan of the imaginative/fantastic works or art in general, that the IlluXCon experience was structured for visitors.

To be sure all involved left the show inspired, organizers developed a first-of-its-kind show structure where artists were not bound to their tables, were encouraged to participate in the show events—painting, drawing, and scuplting—and to take time to enjoy the show and the opportunities around them. We wanted to create a gathering where discussions and ideas would develop, and a venue where collectors, students and fans of the art, could see work up close and engage with the artists who created them in an intimate setting. The result is the show you’re attending for the first time in Allentown, or have experienced these last five years in Altoona, PA.

IlluXCon is a multi-part experience. It’s an exhibition, where over 1,000 traditional media works are on display; it’s a gallery opening, where all exhibiting artists are present and their displayed work is available for you to purchase; it’s an international symposium, where ideas and experiences are shared across a wide range of technical approaches, artistic backgrounds, and continents; and it’s a place where students and artists at all levels can make the personal, professional and creative connections necessary to find their own artistic path.

Find out more about IlluXCon at Or you can begin by viewing this year’s commissioned paintings for the event, coming from artists David Palumbo, Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell, Christos Achilleos and Anthony Palumbo.