Documentary on indie game development looks to move towards next stage

gameloading-rise-of-the-indies-documentary-film-imagesMelbourne, Australia-based filmmakers Lester Francois and Anna Brady, who form Studio Bento, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring their indie games film; GameLoading: Rise of the Indies, to life. The feature length documentary, which centers on the exploding subculture of indie game developers around the world, has been in production for over a year, up to now, fully funded by the passionate indie filmmakers themselves. The Kickstarter campaign seeks to raise $50K in order to cover the next phase of filming.

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies aims to take a snapshot of the worldwide indie game subculture, by following the pioneers of indie development to see how they are changing the industry and their views on what video games can be. It takes a personal and holistic look at this international creative community that is disrupting the traditional video games industry.

“We had the idea for the film, which was born out of our love and passion for indie games, over 18 months ago and have poured our hearts and souls into it. Initially the film was about the indie dev scene in Australia but the film has since blossomed into covering the scene globally. For this to be fully explored and properly covered we need to travel to the US to meet up with developers at PaxPrime and the IndieCade awards, to New York, to Europe and to Japan.” Said filmmaker Francois. “We want to make sure that we speak to developers from all over the world to make our film a true snapshot of the global scene.”

The film looks at both leading and avant-garde members of this passionate, creativecommunity, going their own way outside the traditional video games industry; we will get a glimpse of the endless hard work, risks and sacrifices indie developers make to bring their creations into the world. What drives them? What does it mean to succeed? Will they make it?

It also aims to look at the indie game scene as a whole. Detailing the history and comparing the present indies with what was happening with indies in the 1980’s.

Some of the high profile industry luminaries that have been interviewed for the film to date are: Chris Grant (Polygon), Dan ‘Shoe’ Hsu (GamesBeat), Luke Muscat (Halfbrick), David Helgason (CEO Unity), ArashKeshmirian (Limbic Software), Chris Avellone (Obsidian), Eli Hodapp and Jared Nelson (Touch Arcade), Alexander Bruce (Antichamber), Sam Roberts (IndieCade), Mare Sheppard (MetanetSofware), Trip Hawkins (Founder, EA) and Khang Lee (Hawken).

And the list of participants grows, with filming lined up with Jens Bergensten (Mojang/Minecraft), Jakub Dvorsky (Amanita Design/Machinarium), Luca Redwood (eightyeightgames/10,000,000), James Mielke (Q-Games/BitSummit), Ian Dallas (Unfinished Swan), Xra (Data Tragedy/Memory of a Broken Dimension),Kelly Wallick (IndieMegabooth), Robert Briscoe (Dear Esther), Kellee Santiago (Ouya/ Thatgamecompany) and Henry Smith (Spaceteam).

The Kickstarter campaign will enable the impassioned film-makers to complete the filming of, what is set to be, a first-time, honest look at a growing and exceptional industry.

The Kickstarter campaign launched today, Wednesday 10th July 2013, at 10am EST. It will run for 35 days and hopes to raise a minimum of $50k. To support the campaign or find out more information, Click Here.