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About John W. Sledd

I have been working in the graphics “industry” for going on 20 years now, so perhaps you’ll excuse me if I’m a tad unstable. I spent the first five of those years in print shops, advertising agencies and corporate graphics departments. The rest have been spent running Sledd Studios, where my clients have ranged from design studios to video game developers and everyone in-between. This history has gained me experience with projects of practically every nature: 2D/3D Illustration and Animation, Design for both Print and Screen, Logos, Gaming and even Production Artwork. Basically, if it involves pushing pixels or vectors around, I’ve done it. I have also written/edited three books and several magazine articles and tutorials on the subject of digital illustration and animation and I’ve even been known to teach the occasional class on some aspect of art or design. Whatever your needs, they can probably be filled here at Sledd Studios, unless it’s like really kinky or something…and even then, give me a call. It never hurts to ask. I may not agree to it, but I won’t judge either.