George Lucas to appear on season finale of Prophets of Science Fiction

Ridley Scott, the creative genius behind several Hollywood blockbuster films such as Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator, has returned to The Science Channel with the remaining episodes of the critically acclaimed Prophets of Science Fiction. Through the series, Scott explores the connections between science fiction and science fact. He takes us into the world of the creative minds that have inspired researchers seeking mankind’s next transformative discovery. From Isaac Asimov, to Jules Verne, to Robert Heinlein, to George Lucas, Scott explores how science fiction can become a reality.

This week, peek into the mind of George Lucas, the man behind Star Wars, for the season finale of Prophets of Science Fiction.

Can our thoughts change the world? Is the ‘Force’ a remarkable prediction of the mind’s ability to shape reality beyond the walls of our bodies? Star Wars visionary George Lucas imagined sci-fi wonders that have inspired real world scientists to conquer the impossible and redefine the potential of humanity itself.

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