Core list of graphic novels and manga updated has updated its Core Lists feature, a comprehensive compilation of graphic novels and manga designed to help booksellers and librarians – as well as casual readers and longtime fans – ascertain what books are key for a collection.

Featuring six lists in total – Graphic Novels for Adults, Manga for Adults, Graphic Novels for Teens, Manga for Teens, Graphic Novels for Children, Manga for Children – the Core List includes hundreds of titles that show the breadth and diversity of the graphic format. From such classics as Maus, the Contract with God Trilogy, Watchmen and Persepolis to relatively new bestsellers like The Walking Dead, 20th Century Boys, Pluto and Return of the Dapper Men, the list is a comprehensive look at one of the most dynamic and quickly growing segments of the publishing industry. The Core Lists were originally launched in Fall 2010, and with this new update, they maintain a current snapshot of the world of graphic novels and manga for booksellers and librarians. Each list also is listed in Excel format to ensure that institutional purchases can be expedited.

This is the first update to The Core Lists, which launched in the Fall of 2010. The lists will be updated every six months, with the next update coming in Fall 2011. CLICK HERE for more information, or to view all of the Core Graphic Novel and Manga Lists.

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