Keith Giffen talks about getting back to the pencil

Doom Patrol
Doom Patrol. Click image to enlarge.
Keith Giffen, who once illustrated monthly titles like Legion of Super-Heroes and The Defenders, recently discussed some changes taking place in his artistic life with News-A-Rama, after being away from penciling comics for some time. For the last decade or so, he’s been more recognized for his writing, including his current run on Doom Patrol and Booster Gold.

But starting in November, that’s going to change. Giffen is back to drawing — not only on one comic that month, but two. Doom Patrol #16 will feature Giffen’s pencils for a story he co-wrote with horror novelist Brian Keene. He’ll also drew Outsiders #34, the series written by DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio.

To the surprise of many comic readers, it was also recently revealed that Keith Giffen isn’t writing Justice League: Generation Lost, despite originally being announced as the co-writer with Judd Winick. He did however provide breakdowns for the comic through Issue #7.

CLICK HERE to read the entire News-A-Rama interview.

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