ZBrush workshop at Qantm London

Member Simon Grell (@sgrell) will be at Qantm London giving a guest lecture on the 3D painting and sculpting tool ZBrush.

Guest Lecture: 6:00pm Tuesday 7th September 2010

SAE Institute Lecture Theatre, 297 Kingsland Road, London E8 4DD

ZBrush guru, Simon Grell, will be going through techniques of digital sculpting working with the brand new ZBrush 4. He will demonstrate the speed of ZBrush and how it can be used in various industries from video games to jewelery design and 3D printing of ‘real’ objects, making it the number one sculpting programme in the business.

Simon began his career as a 2D Animator for Universal Pictures and learnt ZBrush while working on projects for computer games, architecture and Las Vegas casino games. Whilst he has always been an artist with traditional cartoonist drawing skills he remains completely up to date with all of the latest art software, especially ZBrush having worked as a beta tester for Pixologic, the makers of ZBrush.

Find out more about the lecture HERE.

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