Horror Mickey vs. Winnie pits iconic children’s characters against each other

Untouchables Entertainment, in association with genre website iHorror, is in production on Mickey vs. Winnie, the latest entry in the lineup of nightmarish interpretations of children’s figures. Mickey vs. Winnie takes the now-public-domain characters from A. A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh books and Mickey Mouse from the 1920s Steamboat Willie cartoon and pits them against ….

Director of cult classic Re-Animator launches new horror distribution label

Dark Arts Entertainment founders Brian Yuzna and John Penney, have announced the launch of their new motion picture distribution company in North America, in partnership with MVD Entertainment. The pair are looking for the new venture promises to bring a fresh perspective to the horror genre, tailored to today’s discerning film audience. Between the two ….

from Jay Sebring...Cutting to the Truth | PopCultureQuotes.com

Hi, my name is Jay Sebring and I’m 35 years old. Now we’ve basically covered everything possible, and I wouls like to leave you with this closing thought. Sometimes when I feel glum and things look pretty dim, I remember it myself and that is for every positive action, there’s an equal and positive reaction. And do in everything your best and to God, leave the rest.