Training Day director Antoine Fuqua to helm gritty crime thriller Prisoners

Aaron Guzikowski’s spec script Prisoners was first put in the spotlight back in March when the hot property had Mark Wahlberg attached to star. According to reports, the script has been compared to Silence of the Lambs and Se7en, and has been buzzed about throughout Hollywood. The Risky Biz Blog now reports that Alcon Entertainment ….

The Crazies film details and new teaser poster

Imagine living in a small town where everything is safe and happy…until suddenly it isn’t. Imagine your friends and neighbors going quickly and horrifically insane. In a terrifying tale of the “American Dream” gone horribly wrong, four friends find themselves trapped in their hometown in The Crazies, a reinvention of the George Romero classic directed ….

Columbia grabs jail-set action horror film script Supermax

Columbia has nabbed a spec script titled Supermax from actors-turned-writers Mitch Rouse and Christopher Nelson, according to THR. Todd Garner is producing the project. Supermax is an action horror set inside a maximum-security prison for the supernatural, focused on a skilled prison guard who is re-assigned to the facility. After a riot erupts, he must ….

Stallone lays waste to his foes in this new pic from The Expendables

Empire has posted this great new photo of Sylvester Stallone, in what looks to be his laying waste to a pile of enemy soldiers on the set of his upcoming action opus The Expendables, which stars the creme of the action ‘Cult Cinema Icons’ crop, including himself, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, ….