New scenes revealed in UK trailer for Watchmen and other Zack Snyder project updates

Ain’t It Cool posted this Uk version of the Watchmen trailer, and it has some additional footage for fanboys to salivate over, including Rorschach as a child, and the original Silk Spectre, along with assorted action sequences. That cool Smashing Pumpkins song is still attached, but it clearly has more stuff in it.

What’s also exciting, is the number of cool projects Zack Snyder is developing. He’s currently working on the animated film Guardians of Ga’Hoole, which is based on a series of fantasy books (2010); Sucker Punch, which is described as Alice in Wonderland’ with machine guns (2011); a possible sequel to the blockbuster 300 epic (2010); a remake of The Illustrated Man, the classic Ray Bradbury tale of a wanderer whose entire body is covered with amazing illustrations that unfold into their own stories of sci-fi and horror (2010); A Heavy Metal update, which is envisioned as a series of animated short films inspired by the 1981 cult classic. Gore Verbinski, whose working on the Bioshock adaptation, is attached to co-direct one of the shorts (2010); and Cobalt 60, which is based on the cult comic book by Vaughn Bode, about a superhero living in a post-apocalyptic world, filled with mutants, who sets out to avenge his parents’ death (2011).

Check out the trailer below, then CLICK HERE to read more about it.

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