Tribeca NY, NY Competition Selections

Originally Published: March 13, 2005

Here are the just announced NY, NY Competition Selections, for those keeping track.

Featured films in the two NY, NY categories are as follows:

Adam and Steve, directed and written by Craig Chester (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Alchemy, directed and written by Evan Oppenheimer (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Bittersweet Place, directed by Alexandra Brodsky, written by Brodsky and Jennifer Albano (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Conventioneers, directed by Mora Stephens, written by Stephens and Joel Viertel (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
The F Word, directed and written by Jed Weintrob (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Four Lane Highway, directed and written by Dylan McCormick (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Great New Wonderful, directed by Danny Leiner, written by Sam Catlin (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Laura Smiles, directed and written by Jason Ruscio (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Life on the Ledge, directed and written by Lewis Helfer (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Love, directed and written by Vladan Nikolic (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Puzzlehead, directed and written by James Bai (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
The Reception, directed and written by John G. Young (U.S.A.) – World Premiere. A Strand Releasing release
Red Doors, directed and written by Georgia Lee (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Rockaway, directed and written by Mark Street (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Satellite, directed and written by Jeff Winner (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Slingshot, directed by Jay Alaimo, written by Alaimo, Matthew Q Martin and Matthew Fiorello (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

The American Ruling Class, directed by John Kirby, written by Lewis Lapham (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Based on a True Story, directed by Walter Stokman (Netherlands) – North American Premiere
Bowery Dish, directed by Kevin Frech (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
The Brooklyn Connection, directed by Klaartje Quirijns (Netherlands) – North American Premiere
Excavating Taylor Mead, directed by William A. Kirkley, written by Kirkley and Erik Laibe (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Gay Sex in the 70s, directed by Joseph Lovett (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Just For Kicks, directed by Lisa Leone and Thibaut de Longeville (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
The Lady in Question is Charles Busch, directed by John Catania and Charles Ignacio (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Rikers High, directed by Victor Buhler (U.S.A, France) – World Premiere
TV Party, directed by Danny Vinik (U.S.A.) – World Premiere

The Tribeca Film Festival takes place from April 19 through May 1, 2005, primarily in lower Manhattan.

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