Meet the Fockers Becomes Highest Grosser


Originally Published: April 5, 2005

Continuing its dominance at the worldwide box office, Universal Pictures’/DreamWorks Pictures’ Meet the Fockers has become the record holder for top live-action comedy ever, besting the previous benchmark held by Bruce Almighty ($484.5 million worldwide); “Fockers” also recently crossed the $500 million threshold in global receipts.

The film, which opened in the U.S. and Canada in the top position over the 2004 Christmas holiday weekend, remained in first place for the first three weeks of its release and went on to gross more than $277 million domestically. Internationally, the film has earned more than $227 million, putting its cumulative worldwide box office take at more than $504 million.

I guess that means we’ll be seeing Gaylord Focker continue his quest for the circle of trust in Fockers 3.

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