Hitchcock Multimedia Timeline Ready to Launch

Originally Published: April 29, 2005

Film Fetish will be launching of a new multimedia timeline spanning the fifty-year career of thriller genre genius Alfred Hitchcock. The timeline is set to launch exclusively at this web site on May 15, 2005.

A master of suspense and psychological drama, the British-born director has over thirty films accredited to his name including the classics Vertigo, Rear Window, North By Northwest and The Birds. But Hitchcock is probably most well-known for the blood splattered shower murder in the film Psycho, cited not only for its startling portrayal of psychosis and family but also its dynamic camera angles, making it one of the most innovative horror films of all time.

Launching May 15, the FilmFetish.com Hitchcock multimedia timeline will be a valuable resource tool for professional filmmakers and Hitchcock scholars, a source of fun trivia for movie fans, and a resource for film buffs looking for all of the mystery master’s cameo appearances. The timeline will include slideshows, synopses, production notes, trivia, animation, and sound bytes spanning from Hitchcock’s directorial debut in 1925 with the British/ German film The Pleasure Garden to his final major work Family Plot in 1976.

Read the full press release for the launch RIGHT HERE »

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