Tom Cruise producing partner leaves UA and Valkyrie returns to 08


United Artists co-owner and Tom Cruise producing partner Paula Wagner is in talks with MGM to leave the company, according to Variety.

She will continue to produce projects with UA, and continue working with Cruise and MGM on various films she already has in the development pipeline, including Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation of the 1960’s British TV adventure series Champions, as well as others. Champions revolves around a group of secret government agents whose plane crash lands. They come away from the experience, with superhuman powers, including telepathy, super strength and memory, then return to the outside world as Champions of law, order and justice (to quote the original series’ opening).

Most recently, Wagner produced The Eye remake with Jessica Alba and Death Race, which hits theaters on August 22, 2008.

She will likely depart the company after she completes post on the Cruise-starring period espionage thriller Valkyrie, directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns).

The trade also reports that Valkyrie is back on the 2008 release slate. MGM has moved the release date to December 26, 2008, instead of the previously announced February 13, 2009 date (which was pushed back from the original Summer 2008 release date). Here we go round the merry-go-round. La la la.

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