R-Rated trailer for The Informers

Mickey Rourke stars in The Informers
Mickey Rourke stars in The Informers
Somehow The Informers is reminiscent of the 1987 film Less Than Zero for me. At least visually and musically. The story however doesn’t revolve around sex and drug-addicted, wealthy college grads. This time, it’s sex and drug-addicted, wealthy movie executives, rock stars and vampires.

The original story comes from a collection of loosely connected short stories that offer a snapshot of in Los Angeles in 1983, written by Bret Easton Ellis.

The trailer has a deep-hued, noir look to it, and feels a throwback to the filmmaking of David Lynch.

Check out the R-rated trailer below.


Film Fetish Trivia: Less Than Zero was based on a novel by Bret Easton Ellis, who also wrote the book American Psycho, which led to the 2000 surreal serial killer film starring current Batman Christian Bale. Ellis also wrote the original novel and co-wrote The Informers screenplay.