Mortal Kombat and Ninja Scroll writer to tackle kids educational comic?

Sean Catherine Derek, a screenwriter who recently completed work on film scripts for the live-action Mortal Kombat sequel and the live-action Ninja Scroll movies, has partnered with the company Scooter Kids, to write a script for a comic book series called The Adventures of Scooter McDoogal. The series follows the adventures of Scooter and his friends as they travel through space and time to explore geography, history, science and the arts. Along the way they learn valuable life lessons and get involved in plenty of mischief.

Sean Catherine Derek is a writer, story editor, actress, and producer in television and film. Her film debut as a writer, Foodfight, opens in 2008. She is also currently working on the script for the fourth Bionicle movie. Derek worked at Hanna-Barbera Productions for shows like The Smurfs and Captain Planet, and as a story editor for the Batman Animated Series. In addition to Foodfight,

“It is fun to be doing something good again where it is not only entertaining but educational to kids on so many different levels. I am happy to be writing something of this caliber,” said Sean Derek. “I am absolutely thrilled to be working on such a unique and needed brand for children.”

Scooter McDoogal was founded by former teacher Diane Russomanno in 2001 and she recently teamed with Joseph Fitzpatrick of Mastiff Capital Partners to launch and brand the Scooter name. The educational comic book’s first installments have already been used at selected schools around the country.