360 LIVE unveils robust database for San Diego film and meeting industries

In Hollywood, it’s all about who you know. In San Diego, knowing the right people just got a whole lot easier. After several years of planning and development, 360 LIVE has launched its unique database of film, television, meeting and event professionals in San Diego. A grassroots effort spearheaded by film industry veteran Richard Crow, 360 LIVE is the only website in San Diego dedicated to connecting seasoned production professionals with the businesses looking to hire them.

Designed as a comprehensive resource for event companies, filmmakers and production professionals alike, 360 LIVE functions as a specialized online directory for the film and event industries. Everyone who joins receives up to five free listings, which allow them to promote their services in various categories, including Crew, Equipment, Talent, Production and San Diego Support. The real-time database with over 500 sub-categories—such as actors, camera operators, equipment rentals, hotels, restaurants, services & supplies, transportation and more—allows individuals and companies from any type of business relevant to film and special event production to register for free. Customers have the option of upgrading their profiles to display an image and portfolio samples, and can also purchase banner advertising on the site.

“Many professionals in film and television also work in the meeting and event industries, so catering to both industries in one place is a natural fit,” said Richard Crow, motion picture Steadicam operator and founder of 360 LIVE. “Our objective is to connect the many talented individuals in and around San Diego with companies in search of their abilities. By facilitating this connection we hope to raise awareness of the incredible production personnel and capabilities that San Diego has to offer.”

With its idyllic scenery, perfect weather and affordable shooting permits, San Diego offers enormous incentive for filmmakers to shoot here. While Crow continues to see more and more productions come to San Diego, the crews are frequently brought in from out of town. 360 LIVE operates independently of the San Diego Film Commission and San Diego CVB, but Crow hopes to complement their efforts and possibly partner on future endeavors.

“Certainly our objectives are similar,” said Crow. “Each organization is striving to increase the visibility of San Diego in these industries and stimulate the local economy. At 360 LIVE, we feel that giving local filmmakers and the businesses looking to hire them a single resource to consult will streamline the process for everyone.”

Local production professionals Adam Ebert (Apex Media), Geof Gibson (San Diego Production Centre), Robert Crow (a leading industry analyst), Chad Wagner (MadebyChad.com) and John Darwell (InfoClarity Solutions) worked with Crow to bring 360 LIVE to fruition. Eventually the team intends to offer its services in other major metropolitan areas.

“We carefully studied successful online directories from other markets and from various industries and developed our database accordingly,” said Adam Ebert, project manager. “Everyone involved with 360 LIVE calls San Diego home, and our foremost goal is to see the local film and television scene continue to prosper. Eventually we would like to offer that same opportunity to professionals in other cities throughout the United States.”

360 LIVE has already receive hundreds of postings from a wide array of businesses and individuals throughout San Diego, including directors, producers, camera operators, stagehands, restaurants, artists, bands, nail salons, hotels, chiropractors and writers. Anyone interested in joining San Diego’s premier networking forum for production professionals should visit www.360live.org to register.

360 LIVE is San Diego’s premier database for professionals in the fields of film, television, meetings and events. Designed as a critical business tool for businesses, filmmakers and production professionals, 360 LIVE is dedicated to raising awareness about San Diego’s exceptional film, television, meeting and event community. For more information, visit www.360live.org.

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