California State Fair is Hollywood swingin’ for 2008


The California State Fair is planning to put Hollywood front and center this summer. Organizers have settled on a number of featured attractions that will focus on Hollywood and how modern day movies and entertainment come to life. There will also be numerous casting calls, celebrity seminars and stunt shows at the fair grounds. The fair is following in the footsteps of other West Coast events, that have embraced Hollywood culture and movies, including the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con.

However, the fair is taking things a step further by offering actual casting calls, which could be of value to industry pros, as well as to fans.

This is in addition to standard programming, including a concert series featuring performances by Smash Mouth and Chicago.

“Hollywood is an integral part of California’s culture and economy. Every industry and culture in the State has played a role in making Hollywood what it is today,” said Norb Bartosik, State Fair CEO. “Our goal is to celebrate those connections and bring some of the Hollywood energy, excitement and diversity to Cal Expo, while still maintaining our time honored State Fair traditions and customs.”

The following ar a few of the Hollywood-themed exhibits and attractions that fairgoers can expect to see at Big Fun Studios from August 15 through Labor Day.

  • Going Hollywood Exhibit – This exhibit will take fairgoers on a journey through the movie-making process beginning with the development of a story and ending with movie production. Fans can see a casting call, get autographs from visiting celebrities and take pictures with costumed characters. A wide variety of film props and actual wardrobe items from different movie genres including; westerns, alien invasions, monster movies, romance and kid’s flicks will provide something for fans of all ages.

The center of the exhibit will be the Sound Stage Nine, an interactive replica of a sound stage complete with green screen technology, professional stunts, special effects and exclusive Q & A sessions with influential members of the Hollywood community.

  • Hollywood Backlot – A life-sized outdoor backlot similar to the sets and studios of Los Angeles. You be the star. Walk the Red Carpet, stroll down the streets of New York or journey back to the Wild West.
  • Sound Effects Stage Show – An interactive stage performance showing what happens behind the scenes, and lets audience members play a role.
  • Sea Lion Encounters Live Show -Celebrity animals that have been on the big screen. They’re coming to the State Fair with a water stunt show and an educational program.
  • Hollywood High Dive Stunt Show – High flying stunt divers celebrate Hollywood through the ages with a high energy dive show.
  • Stars of the Peking Acrobats Live – Performers combine Chinese acrobatics with comedy, balancing feats and more.
  • CSI Live – An interactive journey through the world of crime scene investigation.
  • Casting Calls – The Fair is on the hunt for celebrity look-alikes to help bring Big Fun Studios to life every day. Plus, on Saturdays you could get discovered during Casting Calls.
  • Red Carpet Fashion Exhibit – This exhibit will showcase actual red carpet fashions worn by celebrities attending major Hollywood events.
  • Floriculture An Indy Adventure – A replica exhibit of the on location set from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.

There are also numerous returning and alternatively-themed exhibits to the fair this year as well, so alumni attendees probably shouldn’t feel left out in the cold.

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