The Hills Run Red film synopsis

Director: Dave Parker
Writers: David J. Schow, John Dombrow. Story by John Dombrow and John Carchietta
Producers: Steve Richards,Erik Olsen, Roee Sharon, Robert Meyer Burnett, John Carchietta
Executive Producer: Carl Morano
Cast: Sophie Monk, Tad Hilgenbrinck, William Sadler, Alex Wyndham, Janet Montgomery

In the vein of horror classics from the 1970s and 80s, Dark Castle’s The Hills Run Red follows Tyler, a film fanatic whose obsession with finding a complete print of an infamous slasher movie leads him and two friends into the backwoods where the film was shot. They realize too late that filming never ended–and now they must survive a nightmarish onslaught or become part of the movie forever.

The Hills Run Red is coming to DVD in 2009, and will be previewed at Comic-Con 2008 this week.

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