The Greatest American Hero returns


Join the original cast of the The Greatest American Hero television series on Thursday, July 24 at 12:30-1:30pm in Room 7AB at Comic-Con Convention in San Diego. After twenty-five years, this beloved cult series is being re-introduced to the world as a comic book series. In addition, two special announcements will be made regarding the resurrection of The Greatest American Hero franchise.

A videotaped introduction from the show’s legendary creator Stephen J. Cannell, who has remarked that The Greatest American Hero is his best-selling series of all time, kicks off the panel.

Watch the teaser trailer below.

Panelists include the original stars:

  • William Katt
  • Connie Selleca
  • Robert Culp
  • Dennis “Danger” Madalone (Stuntman)

The Panel will be hosted by Pulp Secret stars Justin Tyler, Pete LePage and Alex Zalben from the comic book show The Stack.

Also in attendance will be Christopher Folino, director of the motion picture Gamers; Derek McCaw, editor of Fanboy Planet; and Arcana Studios’ Sean O’Reilly (The Clockwork Girl). All three are collaborating with William Katt to write the new comic book series. A moderated Q&A will be followed by questions open to the floor.