Code Monkeys: Season One coming to DVD


Get ready to enter the insane world of GameAvision’s top employees: slacker Dave and his high-strung best friend Jerry. Whether it’s rescuing fellow GameAvision employees from Ninjas in Japan or creating a video game out of Spielberg’s latest movie, E.T., or navigating a wild adventurous weekend in Vegas at the annual video game convention, the irreverent, over-the-top humor and quirky storylines from the cult animated TV series Code Monkeys is guaranteed to make you guffaw with laughter.

On August 5, 2008, Shout! Factory, in association with G4 TV and MonkeyWrangler Productions, will release Code Monkeys: Season One on DVD. An awesome celebration and biting parody of video games, technology and pop culture from writer-director-producer Adam de la Peña, Season One of Code Monkeys features special guest voice appearances from technology and gaming industry icons such as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, video game creators John Romero and Lorne Lanning, as well as the late Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax, just to name a few. Loaded with bonus materials that include Original GameAvision Games, Code Monkeys Daily Pranks, “Sir Eats-A-Lot” Gaming Tips from G4 TV’s Kristin Holt and much more, this 2-DVD set is priced to own at $19.99 SRP. No one and nothing is beyond ridicule when the new TV season of Code Monkeys premieres June 1 at 7 pm ET/PT, only on G4.

Set in the 1980s at the dawn of the home computer era, Code Monkeys revolves around the fictional video game company GameAvision and its two star programmers, Dave and Jerry. Their lives are turned upside down when Bob Larrity, a crazed Texas businessman who knows nothing about video games except that they “sell good”, purchases GameAvision. Together, the two best bud slackers are destined for dysfunctional greatness.

“If you like video games and things that are awesome you will dig and respect the Code Monkey’s Season One DVD. It’s packed with behind the scenes awesomeness and extras. Why? Because most DVDs suck and I wanted to make my show DVD rad.” -Adam de la Pena CREATOR and VOICE OF DAVE.

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