A Hancock Review that Doesn’t Rock

Look! Up In the sky! It’s a Crackhead! It’s Nate the Wino! No, it’s SUPERBUM!

He’s the anti-hero…but not really. Cool concept but kind of thin on delivery.

Mega-Super-Duper-Star Will Smith plays Hancock, a suped-up homeless dude with a bad attitude, complete disregard for public safety, and a serious drinking problem. (Now, why the brotha superhero gotta be homeless and a drunk? LOL).

As Hancock does his best at saving people, he usually ends up wrecking half the city in the process, and sometimes even jeopardizing the victim he’s actually saving, all while thoroughly pissing everyone off. In steps PR guy Jason Bateman, who maps out a plan to 180 Hancock’s image, much to the dismay of Bateman’s wife played by Charlize Theron.

Yes, it has the usual formula for a Will Smith summer blockbuster – action, explosions, destruction, and more explosions, but the not-so-Fresh Prince actually makes the dirty, down-and-out character work, despite the sometimes cheesy special effects.

The twist is where I had a problem. I liked it…but something tells me there were some parts either left out of the script or left on the cutting room floor. It needed to be developed a bit better to make it more meaningful and effective, and some villainous parts simply left me confused.

For what it’s worth, it’s worth a peep for die hard Big Willie fans. It has some pretty funny moments that make the overall dark tone light, but with ticket prices nearing mortgage prices, you may wanna wait and get your DVD on in about three months.

Hancock – Bummed-out. But hey, look on the bright side…You know a great porno is on the way just from the title alone! (WINK!)

2 out of 5 Stars

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