Sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury to attend Comic Con panel on new film based on his short story Chysalis

Scene from Ray Bradburys ChrysalisRead a very exciting story on a website called, that I had to share. Ray Bradbury is apparently going to attend the trailer premiere for director Tony Baez Milan’s film Chrysalis, at San Diego Comic Con later this month! The film is an adaptation of Bradbury’s short story. He, along with some of the cast and crew of Chrysalis will premiere the film’s trailer, answer crowd queries, and launch the film’s official website. After the Q and A, the website will launch exclusive Bradbury content, and a series of video-blogs chronicling the film’s production.

Fans will also be able to catch exclusive interviews with cast and crew directly from the “Con” via, which will air throughout the weekend on XM Satellite radio and the website.

Chrysalis revolves abound earth, after it has suffered the ravages of humankind, with scientists looking for ways to sustain human existence. When one of them falls ill and a chrysalis forms around him, a tug of war ensues about the future of the stricken scientist, and ultimately the fate of the Earth.

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