Dario Argento posts first images of Italian serial killer flick Giallo

Adrien Brody in Dario Argento horror film GialloDario Argento has posted the first images from his upcoming horror flick Giallo on his official website. Giallo will get a U.S. theatrical release sometime in 2009, since Dimension Films nabbed distribution rights.

The film follows an American Stewardess (Emmanuelle Seigner) and an Italian Detective (Adrien Brody) who team up in a race against time to find her sister, whose been abducted by a maniacal serial killer known only as Yellow. Apparently Giallo is Yellow in Italian. I guess it takes a mind like Dario Argento’s to make a beautiful language into something sinister.

Giallo also stars Byron Deidra, Daniela Fazzolari, Valentina Izumi and Elsa Pataky.

CLICK HERE to see additional images, and read more about the film…That is, if you can read Italian.

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