New poster premieres from Punisher: War Zone, Saw Five, Mutant Chronicles

Punisher War Zone movie posterClick the images to see the full size versions.

Waging his one-man war on the world of organized crime, ruthless vigilante-hero Frank Castle sets his sights on overeager mob boss, Billy Russoti. After Russoti is left horribly disfigured by Castle, he sets out for vengeance under his new alias: Jigsaw. With the “Punisher Task Force” hot on his trail and the FBI unable to take Jigsaw in, Frank must stand up to the formidable army that Jigsaw has recruited before more of his evil deeds go unpunished. Starring Ray Stevenson (from HBO’s Rome) as The Punisher, Punisher: War Zone is directed by Lexi Alexander and produced by Gale Anne Hurd.

Punisher: War Zone also stars Dominic West, Julie Benz, Wayne Knight, Dash Mihok, Doug Hutchison, Colin Salmon, Keram Malicki-Sánchez, Bjanka Murgel, T.J. Storm, Larry Day, David Vadim, Romano Orzari, Tony Calabretta and Steven P. Park.

Saw 5 movie posterIn the fifth installment of the Saw franchise, Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) is seemingly the last person alive to carry on the Jigsaw legacy.  But when his secret is threatened, Hoffman must go on the hunt to eliminate all loose ends. Saw V stars Julie Benz, Meagan Good, Shawnee Smith, Tobin Bell, Scott Patterson, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russell, Greg Bryk, Carlo Rota, Mark Rolston, Samantha Lemole, Laura Gordon, Dana Sorman and Al Sapienza.

David Hackl is making his directorial debut on Saw V, after being a production designer on three previous Saw films, along with the upcoming films Repo! The Genetic Opera (directed by Saw alum helmer Darren Lynn Bousman) and the Viking epic Outlander, which stars James Caviezel, John Hurt and Ron Perlman.

Russian movie poster for The Mutant ChroniclesThis new foreign Mutant Chronicles poster features sexy Devon Aoki (D.E.B.S., Sin City) in character as Valerie Duval.

Mutant Chronicles revolves around a battle between the soldiers of four leading Corporations: the Capitol, Bauhaus, Mishima and Imperial, after Earth’s natural resources have been exhausted by mankind.

Mitch Hunter (Thomas Jane) and Nathan Rooker (Sean Pertwee), battle hardened Capitol soldiers, fight a desperate battle against a Bauhaus advance. When an errant shell destroys an ancient stone seal, they find themselves facing a new enemy: hideous NecroMutants, with boneblades that grow from their arms.

The mutants multiply by millions and they destroy all before them, and Hunter (Jane), along with a handful of like-minded soldiers, including Steiner (Benno Furmann), honor bound Bauhaus officer, sword wielding Severian (Anna Walton), street fighter El Jesus (Luis Echegaray), fearless beauty Duval (Aoki), stoic warrior Juba (Tom Wu), along with a mysterious profit named Brother Samuel (Ron Perlman), journey deep into the earth and attempt to destroy the source of the mutant scourge and save the planet from the marauding hordes of deathless mutants.

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