French trailer for Transporter 3 online

Robert Knepper in Transporter 3Yep, that’s T-Bag from Fox’s on-the-run epic Prison Break, in that photo. Robert Knepper, man of a thousand sadistic one-liners, will be bringing some of that literary wit to Jason Statham’s Transporter 3.

French movie news site Allocine, has posted a trailer, featuring, among other things, shirtless ass-kicking by Statham. Olivier Megaton, who helmed the French sci-fi crime thriller Exit, does the honors for producer Luc Besson this time around. Besson, along with Robert Mark Kamen (Transporter 1 and 2, Taken, Kiss of the Dragon) wrote the screenplay, which continues the story of Frank Martin, a professional “transporter” who has relocated to Paris to continue his low-key trade of delivering packages without questions.

Check out the heart-thumping action trailer by CLICKING HERE
Check it out in HD HERE

Film Fetish Trivia: Jason Statham is currently finishing up acting duties on Death Race, the quasi-remake of Death Race 2000. He’ll then be lensing sequels to The Italian Job (called The Brazilian Job) and Crank (called Crank 2: High Voltage). Both films are due in theaters in 2009.

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