Details on Mermaid Island


Mermaid Island promotional sheetI read some details about upcoming U.S.-Chinese co-production Mermaid Island on monkeypeaches. The ocean-set story revolves around four races, which include humans, mermaids, some beastie and mythical creatures, that don’t always see eye to eye. The Romeo and Juliet-sounding story may revolve around a love story between man and mermaid. The script is by Randall Frakes (who wrote Bad Karma). Pitof (Catwoman…yeah that one) is attached to helm, with Irvin Kershner (Never Say Never Again, Empire Strikes Back), previous attached as the director, to producer. Liang Yanfei will play the mermaid and amazing-sexy Monica Bellucci will apparently play the mermaid queen. The male lead will be an as-yet-uncast American.

So far, the best thing about this film seems to be the promo sheet…and Monica Bellucci.

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