New Marie Antoinette Trailer

Sony Picture’s upcoming Marie Antoinette is a stylized account of a naive Viennese girl who, in 1774, became the queen of France at the age 19. Sofia Coppola directs the period drama, which stars Kirsten Dunst in the title role, Jason Schwartzman, Rip Torn, Judy Davis, Asia Argento, Marianne Faithfull, Aurore Clément and Steve Coogan. Marie Antoinette hits theaters on October 20, 2006. Choose your …

Running With Scissors Trailer

Nip/ Tuck creator Ryan Murphy cuts his teeth in film on the upcoming Running With Scissors, the story of a young boy (Joseph Cross) who absorbs experiences that could make for a shocking memoir: the son of an alcoholic father (Alec Baldwin) and an unstable mother (Annette Bening), he’s handed off to his mother’s therapist, Dr. Finch (Brian Cox), and spends his adolescent years as a member of …

Borat Trailer

Kazakhstani television reporter Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) is sent to the United States to report on the greatest country in the world. However, Borat becomes more interested in locating and marrying Pamela Anderson than reporting. Borat hits U.S. theaters on November 3, 2006. View the trailer for Borat RIGHT HERE

The U.S. Vs. John Lennon Trailer

The documentary The U.S. Vs. John Lennon focuses on the life of John Lennon at the point he became a serious antiwar activist. For many with unresolved issues surrounding his death, it is a story long overdue. Choose your link below to see the trailer in Quicktime format. Large Medium Small Hi-Definition

First Transformers Movie Now Trailer Online!

Dueling alien races, the Autobots and the Decepticons, bring their destructive battle to Earth on July 4, 2007, with Michael Bay at the helm. Just in time for this holiday, the first teaser trailer from the Transformers has finally hit. Check out the only warning we’ll get when the big robots hit earth next year RIGHT HERE