The reasons you should watch Schizo

A bleakly and intriguing first feature from Kazakhstan by Guka Omarova, who attempts to sketch a kind of updated Billy the Kid legend around a juvenile delinquent nicknamed Schizo, drawn into the criminal orbit of his mother’s boyfriend. Presumably, the intentions are sardonic, but a bare-bones scenario and the remote setting leave a lot of …

More about the Dust to Glory documentary

A new sports documentary from Dana Brown, who produced the wonderful surfing panorama Step into Liquid. His subject now is the annual Baja 1000 road races in Ensenada, Mexico, where contestants compete in half a dozen automotive divisions, from motorcycles and dune buggies to 800 horsepower trucks.

Bride and Prejudice synopsis and yes it features Aishwarya Rai

A sumptuous and rollicking musical comedy update of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The film comes from the same bright spirits that bought us “Bend It Like Beckham.” An exotic English-language entertainment, it’s an a world spanning film, ranging from India to London to Beverly Hills and back while revamping the Austen characters among affluent …

The Marine coming from WWE

The plot of The Marine revolves around (duh) a marine (John Cena) who returns from battle to find that his girlfriend (Kelly Carlson) is ensnared in a kidnapping plot. It’s being helmed by first-time feature film director John Bonito.

Alan Moore pissed about Vendetta movie

I read on slashdot that Alan Moore, author of the V For Vendetta comic, has publically disassociated himself from the movie based on his comic, and disputes claims of support made by Joel Silver. As a result, he has also pulled the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic book series from Warner owned DC Comics, and …